Von Duprin Products

Electric Strike for Mortise Lock Applications 6200 Series, 6400 Series
Electric Strikes for Cylindrical Lock Applications 4200 Series, 5100 Series, 6200 Series and 6400 Series
Electric Strike for Rim Exit Device Applications 6100 Series, 6300 Series
Crossbar Exit Device 55 and 88 Series Exit Devices – Available in wide and narrow stile, ideal for glass door applications
Recessed Exit Device 94/95 Series Push Pads – For high-traffic applications
Touch Bar / Panic Bar Exit Device 98/99 and 33/35A Series Push Pads, 22 Series Exit Device
PS914 Power Supply The Von Duprin PS914 4-amp power supply is designed for use with panic exits requiring high in-rush current

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We offer professional electric door strikes, exit devices and panic bar hardware installation, repair and replacement parts from Von Duprin. If you interested in installing an electric strike or an exit device, we will help you choose the right product, based on your needs, budget, and type of the door.

In case you have a problem with one of Von Duprin’s products, we can send a technician to diagnose the problem and fix the problem or replace the product as needed.