LATCH Smart Locks

LATCH C This lock is one of the most advanced cylindrical deadbolts ever made, and is rated to meet the security needs of even the strictest building codes. It can be easily retro-fitted to an existing building, or used on a new project. The LATCH C is battery powered, and doesn’t require network connectivity to function, though it can be connected to both Wifi and Apple Homekit for an integrated Smart experience.
LATCH M This Smart lock uses an industry standard mortise cartridge for security, and is designed for installation on individual apartment doors, offices and amenity rooms. 6AA batteries provide power for around 12 months, and the locks function as a complete access control system without requiring electricity or Wifi connectivity, though optional integration is available.
LATCH R This lock is designed to control building electronic access points such as lobby doors, elevators, turnstiles and garages. The LATCH R can be used indoors or outdoors, and requires power to function. The product works as a stand-alone system, and can also be connected to other LATCH locks for complete building access control and security.

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